Cobourg, Ontario

CPH Communications has been servicing the Cobourg and Port Hope area since 1981. We care about our clients and their needs. We have maintained the integrity and sincerity that CPH started with and still hold these in our core values.

In 1964 Renie (Irene) and Tom Baker purchased Cobourg/Port Hope Answering Service for $500 with 24 clients from Johnny Johnson, a Florida member of the TAS association. Renie had four grade school children and within the year she hired her first telephone secretary. She also added an addition to the house that functioned as the boardroom, her office and her bedroom; it was located right beside the kitchen and acted as the laundry room as well. In the late hours of the night a gestenter would crank out the print and the dining room would function as a boardroom when survey’s needed to be done.

And so began her family business and everyone had a job including the family dog. Back then they answered the fire department calls – back when the calls came in and red for dispatching to firemen. Then a little box would light up with a number of all the men that answered which then would re-record all who responded and they would turn on the siren located at the town hall. They would let it ring four times then shut it off. However; because they lived at the end of town, it was difficult to hear the siren especially with the wind or the trains so that’s when their little dog took off running and after the forth ring she would come back in and they would know to shut it off.

Words used to describe CPH Communications are structured and caring. We care about our clients, their customers and our operators with the integrity and satisfaction that was instilled from the beginning. CPH has the reputation and still is able to provide outstanding service for over 30 years for the people of Cobourg and Port Hope.


Office: 34 Brook S, Cobourg, ON, K9A 4G1
Toll free: 1-905-372-2115
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