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Does the following describe your workplace?

  • Work alone with the public
  • Handle money, valuables or prescription drugs
  • Work with dangerous, noisy, forestry or construction equipment
  • Work in premises where alcohol is being served
  • Work alone or in small numbers in isolated areas
  • Travel for work in isolated or low traffic areas

Does your employer have a system in place to make sure you return home safe after your shift?

Do you have a check in procedure where somebody will check on you at pre-determined times throughout your shift to make sure you are safe?

Do you work in a high risk environment?  Are there systems in place to help eliminate the potential risk?

If you work alone your employer is required by law to provide you with a written procedure to check on you during your shift to ensure your safety

Four Star has a Check in Service Package to suit every need. Four Star offers Video monitoring on construction sites and alarm monitoring service Please call us for more information. 1-250-374-4584 or 1-800-533-9733